Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cure for Hidradenites Supporativa


My story is simple. Ever since I can remember I’ve had outbursts of diarrhea apparently for no reason. Doctors thought it was irritable bowel syndrome, which now I consider a myth.

In my early twenties I began having adult acne and the diarrhea would come and go much more frequently, always preceded and followed by a burning sensation on the V-shaped upper area of my butt crack.

Eventually the acne on my face became really bad, with daily new outbreaks; boils started to appear all around my buttocks; my scalp got covered by eczema; a  hard cyst appeared in my pulse, right at the joint; and one of my feet developed a strange type of hardened skin on its outward side. It was terrible.

Online, I found out about lactose intolerance. It fit most all of my symptoms. I stopped eating diary instantly. 90% of all my issues disappeared steadily over a period of time.

The hardened skin and the cyst simply went away; the eczema almost vanished; the acne on the face almost disappeared; the ones on the buttocks eventually cleared up completely; and the diarrhea and the burning sensation at the upper butt crack became much, much rarer and less extreme.

But there was a catch. I developed an odd, chronic, undefeatable, leaking “boil” on my upper lip. You know the drill. It looks awful and was right there on my face.

The story here is very similar to many others. Many doctors. No answers. Eventually one said it was HS. I had it removed surgically. It came back much, much worse, quite disfiguring really. I gained weight. Lost many life opportunities. Reached rock bottom. One fine day a doctor friend of mine put me on a diet with almost no red meat…

This improved my situation radically and I also lost lots of weight. As soon as I got better, I started eating red meat again and it came back. I removed it and stopped eating red meat once more to lose all the weight I had gained. Again, it came back and I got fat again. It took me two years and a half to figure this pattern out; that the flares coincided with me consuming red meat, pork and cow.

Fed up with my impotence, I decided to try some old idea out. I stopped eating anything related to milk, including all mammal meat. Before, I had just radically decreased my intake of it. Now I cut it off from my life for good. That cured it all!

My many symptoms disappeared completely over a period of six months. No more eczema, no more diarrhea, no butt crack burning, no pimples anywhere, no everlasting boil on my face. On and sometimes almost off, I had this “boil” for 6 years. 6 months after I had dropped all mammal food from my diet, it finally shrank away and died out. There’s now nothing, nothing there but normal skin and flesh.

My case was not as bad as some and non-debilitating, but it was visible, right there on my face and therefore bad enough. That’s why I had to cure. There was no way to hide it. It’s been a year now since I’m healed and I can finally spread the good news.


Nowadays it’s fairly established that dairy causes acne in some people and almost all HS forums and sites out there in the net mention it as a major, but not the only one, cause of HS. Sufferers of this disease also relate online that red meat cause breakouts of HS-related “boils” in them.

My only contribution to these discoveries is the link between milk products and mammal meat. I don’t know how and what it is, but some substance found in mammals causes HS in me and hence certainly in others, given how statistically similar we all are.

I don’t know whether or not this cure of mine works for everyone, but it seems pretty solid to me. Nothing else causes HS as far as I can tell. It seems to be caused only by something present in all food derived from all mammals.

My treatment then is simply: STOP EATING ALL MAMMAL PRODUCTS, FROM MEAT TO DAIRY, including McDonald’s French fries, which contain milk in their recipe, according to their own admission.  

At first, it will get worse as the dirty is coming out; you might get some diarrhea; and your urine may smell funky, but that’s good, it means you’re healing and explains my following theory:

Something present in mammal products, either lactose or one of its byproducts found in meat or whatnot, isn’t processed by some people to some degree, varying radically from person to person. Eventually, this accumulation of “dirt” blocks our pores, causing either/or acne and HS “boils”.

That’s why obese people suffer from HS more often. They probably eat more dairy and mammal meat than most. Women, though, might have it more often than men because of their own milk. Lots of women seem to develop HS only after giving birth or it gets much worse to them after it.

Since it takes some time until the body can expel all this undue accumulation of something we, people predisposed to HS, cannot biologically process, I recommend surgery to speed this process up, but only if you are already on a strictly non-mammal diet, otherwise it will come back.

The nutritional nature of HS also explains why antibiotics don’t work. No bacteria is responsible for the disease. Some boils, to be sure, might get infected, but that’s secondary and curing the infection will only improve the wound, not heal it.

So the treatment for it is as simple as the disease itself, which is maddening exactly because it destroys our quality of life without threatening our life. The “boils” are painful and ugly, but not really complex. They drive you crazy because you can’t get rid of them and they seem to be an alien, enemy but integral part of yourself, when they really aren’t. Once you stop eating mammal products, you purge yourself of this bio curse. It doesn’t come from you.

Here is a summary of my findings.

1- Cause of HS:

Something found in mammal foods, including all meat extracted from all mammals and all dairy products, including those without lactose. If it came from a mammal, don’t eat or drink it at all.

2- Treatment

Stop eating all mammal products at once, radically and forever. Everything else, poultry, fish, industrial foods and so on, is okay, at least in my case, which is bound to be identical to many others and potentially all.

Remove large “boils” surgically to accelerate this process if that seems feasible to a surgeon. It takes time for your system to clear itself up entirely and the junk has to come out anyway. Much of it will be evacuated in your feces and urine over a course of months, depending on how much of this mammal substance you have in your body that it can’t digest.

3- Disclaimer

I’m no doctor and I’ve “treated” only my own case, but that doesn’t invalidate my findings, which, as I said, are just an improvement upon the discoveries of many others, all of them sufferers themselves as opposed to dermatologists and surgeons, who really know next to nothing about this disease, I think. But we, its victims, we surely know this plague and I think we’ve defeated it. Try this out! If can’t hurt you!


  1. I was reading and started to research what you said about red meat/dairy and your HS. Well I came across something called neu5gc. It's a sugar found in mammal meat/dairy but nor poultry or fish. It causes an immune reaction which leads to chronic inflammation. I think this might the connection you were talking about. Anyway, I cut out dairy long ago to help my HS and it certianly has helped. But I carried out eating Red Meat like everyday (was following paleo). Gonna cut out Red Meat and see how I go. Thanks for writing this!

  2. thank you for your response. I had never heard of neu5gc. it might indeed be the link. let me know what happens after you stop eating red meat.

  3. mannnn you just dont know how long i have silently cried about this issue im done with meat dairy everything its gotten to the point the paint and the ugliness of them are soooo depressing i loove your soul man !!!thank you!!!!!